Amethyst Gate

The Tyrant of the Urban Swamps

The Rat King shows his explosive personality

The Corvi assassin, only known by the word Anonim (Aldri Mer), heard the screech of death, after conducting the assassination of a man’s ex-wife and confirming the kill with Dagger, he began to seek out the source of his compulsion. Upon heading to the center of Gri, he discovered the strong but simple Mountain Eye, and the timid yet forceful Breeze.

After discussing the sound and compulsion that lead them to meet, the trio sought out information. Breeze suggested seeking out the knowledgeable merchant, “Handsome” Horace Goldblood. Horace seemed slightly annoyed that he wasn’t going to be making sales, but pointed the group towards the slums to find an information broker known only as Skivvers.

While Breeze and Mountain Eye stood guard outside of the bar where they suspected their potential informant was residing. Anonim was able to find the Ratfolk, and after “procuring” a few coins, walked over to obtain the information they sought.With a bit of convincing, the ratfolk gladly answered he didn’t have information about the specific topic, but knew someone who did.

Skivvers pointed the party in the direction in which to find a rather aggressive group of Ratfolk known as the Urbanswamp clan, named for their settling within the sewers, or as they call it, the Urban Swamps. After collecting a few disease cures, the trio delved into the sewers underneath the city, seeking the Ratfolk leader known as Agiz Urbanswamp.

A simple brush in with a few overgrown rats here and there didn’t deter the party in the slightest as they began locating a number of well designed traps. After setting some off and disabling others, the group found a lone Kobold trapcrafter who seemed ready to defend himself til death. Upon realizing that they were not in league with the ratfolk, he introduced himself as Renkaltiikesh of No Clan Worth Mentioning, explaining that he was the last of his clan, wiped out by Agiz. He went on to explain that Agiz was a powerful alchemist, who would bring entire caverns down on his clan with his explosives. Renkaltikesh also offered advice for the party, telling them that there was a goblin infiltrator amongst the Urbanswamp clan that would have even more information for the trio.

The party trekked on through the sewer paths, sneaking past an Otyugh youth before they made it to a room leading to the next section of the sewer system. They spotted a group of ratfolk arguing and bickering amongst one another, with one who seemed to have larger ears and sharper teeth than the others. The odd looking rat spotted the party sneaking about and relayed a silent message telling them to attack. Upon extermination of the ratfolk scouts, the odd one revealed himself to be a Goblin wererat named Guz whose clan had suffered the same fate as Renkaltikesh’s. He detailed the guard plans that Agiz typically had set up, and told more about the sinister scientist, including the fact that he was a sort of general when Skivvers was the leader of the Urbanswamp clan. Agiz had only been working for a month or two as the clan leader, but had already managed to wipe out 5 clans that roam the sewers including his own immediate family.

While Guz went off to plant false information to the Ratfolk, the party took on the deed of dealing with their pet Otyugh, quickly disposing of the thing in it’s sleep. After a quick rest, the group moved ahead and disposed of the guards positioned outside the door. After Anonim did a quick survey, they formed a plan on taking down Agiz, knowing too well that his bombs would be more than fatal. Hatching a plot, Mountain Eye got Agiz talking while Anonim plucked the bombs off of Agiz’s belt before battle occurred. After a finishing blast from Breeze, the party set about to licking their wounds, including those of Guz, who had jumped into the battle to offer his aid.

Upon speaking with Agiz, the party was able to find a surprisingly large amount of information. Though the rat spoke like a madman and liked to push Mountain Eye’s buttons to the point of losing an arm, he seemed more than eager to talk and speak. He explained that the scream signaled the creation of a legendary item of creation and recreation known as the Amethyst Gate. It was created by many powerful mages, and designed by a man known only as Farg “Ragebrain” Nightaxe, who was revealed to Anonim, Guz, and Breeze, to be Mountain Eye’s Grandfather, a half-orc who had devoted his life to powerful and strange magics.

It was revealed that Ragebrain had planned Mountain Eye’s birth as an experiment with his own orcish blood, to fuel the rage of the Jungleman, but for a seemingly unknown purpose.

The party was pointed towards Farg’s book, Glud, or to seek the genius intellect of Vert Clench in Yemnack, unless they were aware of an expert on powerful ancient artifacts. Agiz also left a recommendation to find the researcher known as Gillian, who was revealed to have known the trio. However, Anonim confessed to have taken the gnome’s life a few years back.

The party agreed to the information under the promise that they let Agiz go. They agreed but also informed Renkaltikesh that the ratfolk was wandering the sewers with severe injuries. As a reward, the party was handed a book with every one of the kobold’s many traps and designs sketched down and written about in detail. They were also trained for one week by Guz, becoming far more powerful and skilled than they were upon entering the sewers.

When the trio emerged with their new skills, they were informed that Gillian was seen alive and walking around Gri. This disturbed Anonim deeply, as he decided to look into the topic. However, first the group headed to the library to seek out Ragebrain’s book, where he detailed his love for magic, technology, and forces that he listed as the five pure energies; of which he included Psionics, Magic, Divinity, Ki, and Life/Chi. As they continued to read, they saw more and more of the book talked about the Amethyst gate, and that Farg had a voice in his head that he referred to as Apocalypse, Ragnarok, Armageddon, and so forth. The same symbol that Breeze and Mountain Eye had seen impaled within the halfling in his hill was drawn frequently in the book.

Upon searching for the supposed reanimated Gillian, the group found the gnome. Mountain Eye approached the small humanoid, but was pushed away and met with unfamiliarity. Anonim followed the gnome into an alleyway and began interrogating the man. They noticed foreign tattoos and a pale complexion upon him. The impostor revealed that it was an android and was promptly and quickly dismantled, as the gang decided to take the head to Yemnack to have it analyzed.



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