Flay Wizenwood

Elvish king, residing in Glud Kingdom's main city Mage-Leaf


Level 7 wizard 10 samurai(ronin)

Katana and Jutte combo
Bo staff
Wakizashi and sai combo


A practitioner of magic, and sword, Flay Wizenwood is an ancient being, reaching his final years. He had spent much of his life travelling, learning of new magics and spells, thinking it all that mattered in life.

To this naive young elf, there was nothing in this world that he believed could outclass magic, however this all changed when he made his way to the lands of Ka’len’ma, and accidentally insulted the honor of the shogun. He was quickly issued a challenge and even quicker was he taken down. The man had only used the flat of his blade, refusing to take the life of an innocent, only looking to show the elf humility. Flay looked upon the man with amazement, the man had easily defeated him without so much as an incantation or magic gesture.

Flay decided he’d stay in the country, and learn of it’s warriors known as the samurai. He learned much, and spent much time disciplining his body to the art. He trained under the same shogun that had humbled him, growing to be close friends with the human. When he was ready, Flay found a master to swear his loyalty to, the current advisor of the king, a Vanara by the name of Uli-kiki.

While in service to Uli-kiki, Flay’s love for magic didn’t dwindle, and he was allowed into the royal library, studying and learning more spells, advancing his power as a wizard. Though the elf had a new love, one that surpassed his love of magic, and he always kept up on his training. Uli-kiki noticed this and decided to pass on some knowledge of his own, training his samurai warrior in defensive techniques, training him in the use of various defensive weapons including the jutte, sai, and bo staff.

Time passed and Uli-kiki soon met his end. Flay passed on from master to master, and he did his job well, assuring that no harm came to them. Though with each master that passed, they gradually became greater and greater cowards, and Flay found his job less and less rewarding. After having spent a century and a half in the lands of Ka’len’ma, Flay had decided that he was finished in this country. He said his goodbyes, and took up the path of a ronin, a samurai with no master.

Upon returning to the kingdom of Glud, Flay discovered that his family had inherited the throne, and that his elder brother was on his last legs. After his brother passed on, Flay inherited the throne. He graciously accepted his position, and with his carefree ronin spirit, he mad a great king among the elven people.

Flay Wizenwood

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