Hephaestus Caesar

The oread king of Flandheim


Level 10 Magus 6 Monk



The emperor of the stony desert kingdom, Hephaestus Caesar rules with his fists of stone. He has spent many years in his life studying magic, martial arts, and the way of the sword, doing anything to try and make his way in the world. As such, he is trained in many weapons spells and stances, though combat was not the only thing he excelled at, as he studied politics, especially the ones of the kingdoms focused around earth based terrain.

As with many Oreads, Hephaestus respects the dwarves and does business with them quite often, allying his kingdom with Don’gol. However, the dwarves look on the stone emperor with a nervous edge, considering his alliance with many giants.

Though they live in what is pretty much a stone desert, the cities and towns are centered around rather plentiful wells or oases. As such, the towns have quite the abundance of plant life, primarily grapes and olives. Hephaestus indulges on the many fine wines produced, it’s been known to be a slight weakness of his, however due to his incredible fortitude, it’s probably take about 2-3 whole barrels to knock the guy out. He has a similar love for drinking straight olive oil as well, but he puts it to other uses as well.

Hephaestus is a well known wrestler, and will often oil himself up with the kingdom’s olive oil to make himself more difficult to hold onto and grasp. Hephaestus will often go into the gladiator battles himself as well, to prove his worth as king of the lands, and courage.

As soon as Hephaestus slaughtered the corrupt royal family, he declared that only those that could prove their worth in leadership and combat, as such, he has an ongoing tournament in the gladiator pits, promising that if any person should enter with a team that is willing to support him and they can manage to beat Hephaestus and his three best gladiators, then that person shall rule as Flandheim’s newest leader, and he himself will either die honorably, or volunteer his services to the new empire.

He is a stern, and strict king, some might call him a tyrant, but Hephaestus works to protect his kingdom as a whole, to make the empire’s legacy live on and on and on for centuries and even millenniums to come.

Hephaestus Caesar

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