King Meruenor Giantbreaker

Dwarven king of Don'gol, "The King Who Sits On The Sky"


Level 6 Fighter 6 Ranger

Heavy Repeating Crossbow
Dwarven Waraxe
Dwarven Urgosh


The new dwarf king has earned much respect after defending his home from the Frost Giant attack 5 years ago, doing his father and grandfather proud in their afterlife. Truly he found the battle as a great victory for the dwarves, but a great personal cost at the lost of his parents and grandfather. After the battle, he changed his clan name from Ironcrystal to Giantbreaker, sealing his eternal hatred for the frost giants into his family name.

From the city of Monguldur, the highest city in Amun, he watches over his people, keeping an ever watchful eye for the accursed spawn of Urzaak. Though he respects the ice god and gives him due worship, the king of the dwarves holds no loves for his creations, striking down any yeti, polar worm, or even dragon that would threaten his people.

While Meruenor is vastly skilled in combat, his greatest weapon is strategy and tactics. The stubborn creature has studied his oversized opponents to the point of near obsession, though even that knowledge is only second to the level that he knows his own people. Many a battle was won simply through the king’s plots, with little to no dwarves carrying even a scratch on their frame, stealing victory in merely a few minutes.

His most trusted companion however, is his snowy owl companion, Featherfrost. This creature provides him with all the information he need know of his opponents, as it will consistently scout the lands with it’s keen eyes, locating the race, numbers, and direction of any hostile targets, and relaying them to the king, allowing for his masterful strategies to form long before the foes can approach.

King Meruenor Giantbreaker

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