Sir Cale Nightsmasher

Paladin to Stroll and Phoerex, Mayor, Savior, King


Level 15 Paladin 2 Oracle 2 Ranger 1 Monk

Spiked Guantlets
Heavy Crossbow

Curse: Blackened
Mystery: Metal


Cale Nightsmasher, is the result of a scenario that happens all to often when towns reside near savage orc tribes. Cale was rejected by his peers, only ever comforted by his mother, who, despite looking upon her son with painful memories, could not deny that her son was destined for great things, she could see it when his eyes would shine like the sun.

To add to his discrimination, the baby half-breed was awoken to a call one night. The infant found his way out of the crib, to the burning embers of the fireplace, and like a beacon, it called to him and told him to thrust his arms into the flames. The mother ran to her child when she heard his screams, and rushed him to the closest temple. In the temple of Strroll, the clerics and monks analyzed the small boy’s arms, doing what they could to heal him. Instead, they returned to the mother. The boy’s forearms remained black and ashen, with small glows of embers emanating from beneath the cracks of his flesh. They told the mother that the boy would never heal, for this was to be his curse, and his blessing. He held the warmth of Strroll’s sun in his hands, with the ability to call upon holy flame at the expense of great pain in his arms.

As Cale aged, he learned more of the deity that had granted him his arms. He held contempt for the human god, he didn’t want this burden. The hatred for him continued, and the boy would try to fight back, only to bring pain to himself. On a day he was left battered, bloody and bruised in an alleyway, a passing paladin found the young orc, and brought his healing hands upon the poor creature, noting his blackened arms. The half-orc thanked the paladin, asking him how he could thank his kindness. The paladin asked the boy to follow him to the temple. Within the temple, the paladin taught the boy of Phoerex, the god of fire and the great protector. The stories that the paladin weaved were astounding to the young boy, though he cringed when the paladin spoke of the sun god.

After hearing the paladin’s outlook, and the devotion in his tone, the half-orc thought that perhaps, there was something to this god after all. He began studying at the temple to Strroll, and Phoerex respectively, learning of the various gods, but focusing on the protector and the monk, trying to determine the purpose they had for him.

Outside of the temples, the boy had a love for politics, holding great respect for his town’s mayor, and his king. As such, he studied the laws of the various kingdoms, especially his own, which ran on a democratic voting system. He ran for every class president election, and won every time, showing strength in words and personality that shined through his scars.

Eventually he rose to the position of mayor within his hometown, and in only a short time in his position, the town faced another orc raid. Cale rallied the forces of the town, as it would take too long to wait for soldiers from the kingdom’s army. The rowdiest of farmers and even some of the men that bullied him when he was younger fought by his side as he lead the charge. Seeing the savages, Cale developed a strong hatred for his bestial heritage. He successfully diverted the crisis, solidifying his town’s love for their new mayor. He has also sworn an oath to destroy any of his kin that hold evil and savagery in their hearts.

Cale’s studies didn’t stop however, as he continued his training in the temples, disciplined by Strroll’s monks to ignore the pain in his arms, he now only notices the pain in his sensitive arms if he strikes any non-evil creatures.

Years later, the folks from his town found little surprise to see their former mayor running for King of the land, and even less surprised when they found out he won. The people respect their king, however, there are still those with angered views towards the half-breed, regardless of the large variety of creatures that exist within the kingdom.

Sir Cale Nightsmasher

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