Sultan Maku'han III

King of Quin'shet, the land of the sand.


Level 7 Rogue 5 Assassin

Desert throwing knives


The current Sultan of the deserts, Maku’han was born a noble, with his father and grandfather ruling before him. An unusual thing considering that the mantle of Sultan more often than not passes on to the man who assassinated the one before him. As such, Maku’han went through a vigorous trial when his father was slain and Moli-Moli, a mere Bhuka Goblin took the throne. Maku’han was furious, that such a lowly creature in his eyes would steal his family’s legacy, so he sought the greatest assassins in his kingdom, and was raised by their teachings. His first assassination, was of course the Bhuka Moli-Moli.

With his throne regained and the ever elusive sand assassins at his beck and call, Maku’han has lately proved to be one of the most powerful and dangerous Sultan kings of the desert, and he is not one that many villages seek to anger, for risk of a blade across their throat.

He embraces the chaos of the shifting sands, not caring for any village that falls to the desert heat or monsters. Any who he feels have insulted him directly, either die quietly to an assassin’s khopesh, or are made a public example of by either being fed to his scorpion pit, or banished to the harsh hot dunes.

Sultan Maku'han III

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