Vert Clench

"The Man With The Plan" and the unspoken leader of Yemnack


Level 12 Gunslinger 5 Alchemist 5 Artificer


  • Revolverx2
  • Rifle w/bayonet
  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Alchemy Bombs
  • Poisons
  • Dagger


  • Potions
  • Mutagens
  • Scrolls
  • Wands
  • ???

Alchemical Cartridges

  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Salt Shot
  • Paper
  • Flare
  • Entangling
  • Adamantine
  • Silver
  • Pitted
  • Tracer
  • Burrowing

The unspoken leader of the industrial kingdom of Yemnack, Vert is the essence of the city. With an ever inventive and creative mind working endlessly to solve the next equation for his formulae, or what can make a better gun, he holds the spirit of the people within him.

The boy is only 19, yet he holds the wisdom of the oldest of gnomes or dwarves, and the intellect of a genius, possibly marking him as the smartest man alive. Vert can outwit most wizards and even dragons, and has in fact done so to procure some of the minerals and gems needed for the various tools and items that are crafted in the region. It was his idea to craft the massive magma engine in the center of town, and the townspeople praise him for that, claiming it as his most brilliant idea yet, and he’s determined to surpass that.

There is no official “king” or “emperor” of Yemnack, as the city is enormous and works more as a unit, though if there ever was one person the town turned to, it had to be the bright and young Vert Clench. There’s no problem that came across the kingdom that he couldn’t fix.

Vert is familiar with the worlds of science and magic equally, however he greatly prefers the world of science and technology, finding more new discoveries more often, though he loves the practice of enchantment as well, putting his spells to work on his favorite weapons. Ever ahead of the curve, Vert holds in his possession the latest prototype firearms as his primary weapons, though he has a few more ready for those that he deems worthy of wielding them.

As fantastic a gunsmith and sharpshooter as he is, Vert’s favorite technique in battle is lobbing a bomb into a battle hungry horde of drow. As such, he has perfected certain chemicals that hold the power of ultraviolet rays, a very potent weapon against the constant threat of the underdark races attacking. He’s also focused on developing powerful mutagens, making him an intimidating beast to face should an opponent ever advance into close quarters.

As much as he loves machines, Vert hasn’t developed many original ideas in that category as he has firearms and chemicals. Though he has made many many improvements to already existing machines.

Though he sits in the center of the town and rarely engages in battle, he is nowhere near afraid to get his hands dirty. Vert has a high body count from the constant war against the drow, duergar, and others due to his weapons and powerful wit.

With as much success and work as they young man puts himself through, he is never seen without a smile as he has fun with whatever it is he’s working on, always looking on to the challenge of surpassing his own greatness, no matter how greasy or messy he is.

Aside from his work, he holds 2 other things very close to him, Gooshnick the Gnome and Cybett, a female warforged of his own creation. Though he is friends with practically anyone and everyone within his city, Vert finds a strong kinship with Gooshnick, as the small gnome offered the lad a place to stay when he lost his parents and moved to the kingdom when it was simply an outpost for inventive types. He also considers Gooshinck the only one who’s technological prowess on an equal level as his own, as while Vert has a greater knack for potions and guns, Gooshnick is responsible for most of the machines and vehicles that exist in the land.

As for Cybett, she was a creation of his own design in his desire to create an assistant and companion, though as close of friends as they’ve become over the years, he sees her as so much more in the recent years.

There have been many a time that Vert has ended up hurt, almost losing a limb or finger, but ideas like that don’t frighten him as he’s not above using a potion to regrow such things or fashioning a mechanical replacement, in fact, he holds it as a secret wish that he’ll lose an arm, just for that reason.

Vert Clench

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