Zhao Qin

The current emperor of Ka'len'ma


Level 20 Bard 5 beguiler

Dagger x2

Dancing lights-3/day


The emperor of Ka’len’ma, Zhao started out as a humble peasant in Xian Cho. In his youth he would often sneak around the Jade Palace, admiring the beauty of the place. He ended up being caught a few times and kicked out, strengthening his desire for the place even more.

As he grew older, he was recruited by a group of tengu and other kitsune, who worked as thieves within the grand green city. Zhao always kept a good heart though and only took what he needed, sometimes giving to the less fortunate in town. Upon learning that the emperor of the land was determined by who had acted the most honorably in their life, Zhao felt inspired, and worked his life to bettering himself and acting honorably.

He moved up the ranks in the thieves guild of Ka’len’ma, until he became the head of the guild, and insisted to enforce honor among thieves, only stealing from those who were wicked and cruel, and returning the items and money stolen to the village people. He had gained notice from some well known thieves, Casey The Cloak being the most prominent of the bunch.

One night, the city of Xian Cho faced a horrifying game of survival as Jian shi, or hopping vampires, invaded the town by the masses. Many men and women scattered in fear and terror at the sight of the creatures, however Zhao reacted like he was born for that moment. He immediately started giving orders to his guild members, putting them in position and inspiring morale. Few people died on what surely would have been a disastrous night. But Zhao Qin took home a greater bounty than JUST the highest body count, he had earned the respect of all the land.

He now rules the kingdom, teaching the ways of the gods, Felishrad among the highest regard, as she did create the tengu, kitsune, and nagaji races, and holds Zhao’s morals as admirable.

Zhao Qin

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