Alchemists Association

Leader: Vert Clench
Notable Members: Agiz Urbanswamp, Sharon Duskhunter, Gooshnick
Purpose: Find new alchemical advances, for the betterment of all kind.
Located: Yemnack, Gri, Ka’len’ma
Most Common Classes: Alchemist, Wizard

The Alchemists Association is a guild created by Vert Clench in order to further his research into the powerful art that is alchemy. The Association had crafted dozens of different alchemical substances, from the liquid blade, lightning bottle, and even tangleburn bags. The Alchemists work in close quarters with the Mechanics Guild to improve upon each other’s inventions and discoveries, creating alchemical factories and alchemically powered machines such as vehicles and the like.


  • Alchemy is a tool to be respected, not abused.
  • Every new advance and discovery must be reported to advance further and discover more.
  • Our discoveries are a science we should share with the world.
  • Give not our secrets to those who wish to do evil with it.
  • Accidents happen, but try and avoid involving civilians

Alchemists Association

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