Primary Deity: Usually that of the creator, Any
Favored Class: Any
Primary Environment: Yemnack
Primary Alignment: Any depending on programming and primary emotions

The current pinnacle of technology, androids are constructs fully capable of emotion, individual thought. Androids are either built by a group of technological experts, or by particular super intelligent geniuses.

Physical Appearance:
Unless you can see the signs, an android is INDISTINGUISHABLE from the type of humanoid they were built to look like. The most common varieties are Human, Elf, and Half-Elf. Strange circuitry-like markings that look like faintly glowing tattoos, a faint metallic sheen to the eyes, and watery, almost translucent red blood are all ways to tell an android from a human-providing its awkward mannerisms haven’t revealed the truth already. A typical android is 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.

Androids RARELY hold a society of their own. They are individuals most often, created as aither servants, companions or others. Some androids are created in multiples by their creator, developing a sort of family with their “siblings.” More often than creators would prefer, androids rebel against their creator when they find their personalities clash, and they set out to find lives of their own.


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