Assassins Guild

Leader: Casey The Cloak
Notable Members: Sultan Maku’han III, Yevin,
Purpose: ‘Put the inevitability of death at a price for quicker and more efficient delivery than even Ralzikk’ could supply. -The Bartender
Located: Everywhere, strong influence in Quin’shet
Most Common Classes: Rogue, Ninja, Assassin

The Assassins Guild is a thing of legend, and it truly isn’t known whether or not they truly do exist. Of course, this is exactly what the assassins guild wants.

In actuality, the Assassins Guild does in fact exist, and were both created and founded by the legendary Casey, whose origins, history, and even race are completely unknown. The Assassins Guild works in conjunction with the Thieves Guild, and many members belong to both organizations. The assassins kill targets that have been contracted to them, moving expertly and efficiently without a single trace of their existence or presence left behind. These assassins, never accept public jobs if it risks the guild’s existence, but if it looks like nothing more than an ordinary assassin did the job, it will be accepted. Often, to cover their tracks, there are also frame jobs to keep their existence hidden. Assassins will attempt to only kill the names in their contract to keep honor among their kind.

There are a few who believe. Good hearted folk much like a Paladin or Cleric that spend many sleepless nights searching for some clue to find and destroy the Assassins Guild. Every clue they find leads to dead ends, or all too often, to a dagger in their throats.


There are no known rules for the Assassins Guild outside of it’s members.

Assassins Guild

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