Bards College

Leader: Jazzelle Sleek “The Artist”
Notable Members: “Chucklefuck” Charlie,
Purpose: To spread art and creativity throughout the world and train the talented
Located: Etaniel, Borulck, Glud, Ka’len’ma, Quin’shet, Flandheim, Valnur
Most Common Classes: Bard, Fighter, Sorcerer

The Bards College was created for the sole purpose of teaching and protecting those with a talent for the performing arts. Jazz has been a long standing leader in the guild, having mastered most all the forms of bardic art imaginable, as well as various visual art forms. The college has a split section devoted entirely to chronicling and writing various epic tales, recording the quests of adventurers known only as the Chroniclers.


  • Anyone may join with enough of a talent.
  • This is our home, you are always welcome here fellow bards, and we offer rooms to any performing artist within our ranks.
  • Cause no harm to fellow members, grudges may be settled by a performance duel approved by a higher up.
  • Stealing from the college will ban you from the rooms or other utilities of the college until you have repaid your debt in full through labor and chores.
  • Destructive spells and combat are to be practiced only in designated areas.
  • Access to magical masterpieces must be authorized by Guild Master Jazzelle, no exceptions. These can be dangerous and destructive in the wrong hands.
  • You cannot become a chronicler until you have gone through the proper training.

Bards College

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