Cartographers Guild

Leader: “Mapmaster” Quincy
Notable Members: Jazzelle Sleek “The Artist”
Purpose: Create detailed and useful maps for the denizens of our beautiful world.
Located: Etaniel, Dorm, Ka’len’ma, Valnur, Glud
Most Common Classes: Bard, Ranger, Scout, Archivist

Quincy is a long-lived Raptoran who spent his youth exploring the world and drawing out a map of every location he had discovered and traveled to, creating the world map now used by travelers everywhere. After he had gotten his fill of adventure, the Raptoran opened his guild to teach his craft to other travelers that wished to learn. While he’s reaching his later years, the birdlike man is searching for a cartographer worthy of earning the title of Mapmaster, so far he has his eyes on The Artist.


  • Maps are our art, take pride in your art.
  • Accuracy is a trait that is to be admired in your art.
  • We seek to discover new locations and chart them down for future travelers.
  • To claim another’s map as your own is dishonorable and punishable by expulsion.

Cartographers Guild

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