Primary Deity: Shadric
Favored Class: Bard, Witch, Rogue, and Oracle
Primary Environment: Any
Primary Alignment: Any

Changelings come from a variety of methods, through a Human mating with either a Hag or Doppleganger, or the offspring of some mysterious fey left to replace a mortal child.

The half-doppleganger and feyborn changelings hold the power to subtly change their appearances and disguise themselves as the other mortal races, often taking up positions as spies and thieves.

The Hagborn changelings, are always female, always fair and hold slight signs of their heritage. They hold various hag-like powers depending upon their mother’s certain variety of hag.

Physical Description:
Changelings in their natural form appear frail with extremely fair skin, which can appear to have gray tints in moonlight. Changelings have large eyes which can be any color, but the most common is gray or silver. Their facial features are slight, their noses tend to be small and round, their lips are usually thin, but in rare cases they may be full and even pouty. Changelings have little to no facial hair and the hair on their heads is soft and fine and is also usually gray, silver or white (though in rare cases it can range in color from pink, to blue, or even green). Changelings are usually slender and their height ranges from 5’0" – 6’0", it is rare for females to be taller than 5’4". Many Changelings choose another form due to their social stigmas, though, and it is rare to see a Changeling in their natural form.

Changelings of all three varieties are avoided when identified, as most races find them difficult to trust. Knowledge of changelings is often limited to only those of the hagborn variety, as they don’t have the natural ability to disguise themselves. As such, most changelings will do what they can to avoid being caught or discovered, often blending in with the culture they’re born into, learning from their foster parents. As the shapeshifters find it easier to blend in, while the hagborn often find their way along the slums or shady areas.

At puberty, hagborn changelings receive “the call,” a hypnotic spiritual voice that beckons them to travel and discover their true origins. Changelings who ignore this call choose their own destiny; those who heed it discover their “mother” and may come into great power by transforming into hags themselves.


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