Primary Deity: Makiyaei
Favored Class: Rogue
Primary Environment: Underdark
Primary Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Monstrous spiderlike people of the underdark created inadvertently by the drow as a result of failed experiments on normal humanoids.

Physical Description:
A Chitine resembles a sickly, white, four-feet tall humanoid with vaguely spider-like features. They have wavy hair, sly faces, and spider’s fangs protrude from their mouths. Chitines have four arms, and these have an additional joint (a normal humanoid, such as a human, has three [shoulder, elbow, wrist], but the Chitine has a fourth), and this allows for greater flex in movement and manipulation.

Chitines typically hate their former masters, the drow. hitines strongly live up to their spider heritage; in their underground cities and villages, they build with webs in the same way that humans build with wood and stone. They build everything out of it, homes, traps, clothing, weapons, and more.


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