Leader: Jazzelle Sleek “The Artist”
Notable Members: Not known due to pseudonyms
Purpose: Chronicle the unaltered stories of adventurers and heroes.
Located: Etaniel, outposts only known to chroniclers
Most Common Classes: Bard

The Chroniclers are a subdivision of the Bards College that devote themselves to following groups of adventurers and heroes to record their stories to be told in future generations. They are master wordsmiths among incredibly stealthy, as they are not allowed to interfere in the adventure themselves under any circumstance, lest they taint the story. To avoid being recognized, it is common practice for a chronicler to take on another identity from their common lifestyle.

On top of the rules of the college, chroniclers must follow a very strict set of rules in order to keep their position and publish their stories.


  • Do not tamper with the story in any way. This is the law on which the Chroniclers exist.
  • Do not get involved with the adventurers, you are not to be discovered lest it taint the epic.
  • Do not deliver aid to the adventurers no matter how secret, lest it taint the epic.
  • If discovered by the adventurers, do what you must to keep yourself out of the epic, if this is unavoidable, return to the guild to report your failure and receive due punishment.
  • Your chronicler position can and will be stripped for incompetence or consistent failure.


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