Primary Deity: Uoolg
Favored Class: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Cleric and Druid
Primary Environment: Ocean, The Seas, Uoolg’s Rest
Primary Alignment: Any

The darfellans were once a peaceful race of hunter-gatherers who lived among the surf and sea stacks of forbidding coastlines. Then the sahuagin discovered them, beginning a century-long struggle that almost ended in the extinction of the darfellan race. The remaining darfellans are brooding wanderers who crave the chance to exact a final measure of vengeance against the sahuagin who wiped out their kin.

Physical Description:
A typical darfellan has a hulking, muscular build with a broad back, powerful arms, and a wide neck and head. A darfellan stands not much over 6 feet tall and weighs nearly 200 pounds. A darfellan’s most striking feature is his or her jet-black skin, glossy and hairless, broken by varied white markings. The size, shape, and location of the white areas distinguish family groups and quickly identify an individual’s heritage to other darfellans and those who know how to read darfellan markings. Occasionally individuals are born who are entirely black or, much more rarely, wholly white. Such births are always seen as portentous, and the children are destined to hold positions of importance among the people — whether they are so inclined or not. The appearance of an entirely white darfellan is taken as a sign of great events, and the people’s history is filled with stories of the upheavals that followed such births.

Darfellans hold hunters in great esteem, especially those who battle sahuagin. Darfellans tend to brood on the tragic history of their race, regarding it with equal parts pride and sorrow. At its height, darfellan society was a complex caste-based culture, but now too few survivors remain for a caste system to work. Still, darfellans are apt to categorize people by their occupation or function; learning someone’s job is more important than learning someone’s name.


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