Dark Chest of Wonders

A legend that folks would tell their children. A widespread child’s tale that some adventurers still believe to be true and still seek to this day. Most every race knows of the legend, even the neanderthals speak of a “magic black box” that they all fear and yet some admire.

The story goes that years ago, the gods witnessed a birth. The child had no parents to speak of, rather it seemed as if the earth had spit him out. The gods decided to watch the child from a distance, observing this strange being that was of none of their creation. The child was of no discernible race, but his skin was the color of true gold and silver spiraling up to the center of his bald head. From his first hour of birth, the child had a knack for creation. He pulled up the very soil of the planet in a perfect sphere, rebuilding the very structure of the thing so that it was a new red material. Kroeskein identified the material, impressed, but unnerved. The material was a red stone that the god knew had dangerous properties to it. The material, now known to us today as Blood Crystal, was split and banished to the deepest corners of the earth. The child made more however and the gods realized that they must not allow this creature to continue making this harmful substance.

However instead of destroying the new creature, the gods worked together to deconstruct it, in essence and existence, and rebuilt the being into two new forms, one of it’s creative power, and the other housed the danger it could make. They still feared the creature’s power and decided to seal it away where only the worthiest of heroes could find it. They sealed it within a dark black chest, also known previously as Makiyaei’s toybox. Within the chest were treasures unknown already, and the goddess had left them there as a prize for whoever could find the box. The gods then locked it in divine chains and arcane spells and tossed it into Amun without watching, placing it in a location that not even they knew of.

Nobody knows exactly what is in the chest or the forms they made of the boy. Many believe it to be the most powerful of magics, others believe it to be riches untold, while still others believe that a possible monster dwells inside the chest. Whatever the case, very few believe in it’s existence, writing it off as nothing more than a child’s bedtime story to inspire awe about adventure. Those that do believe, seek the chest, looking for the legendary box, seeking power, or fame, or riches, or maybe just adventure.

Dark Chest of Wonders

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