Entertainers Guild

Leader: Xavice The Lecherous Located in Gri
Notable Members: Vute of the Opium Pipes, Clementine “Sweet Lips”, Quid, “He Who Makes The Dice Dance”, Tempetua Moonshoes
Purpose: Amass wealth and provide various forms of “Blue Book” Entertainment.
Located: Etaniel Slums, Quin’shet, Flandheim, Ka’len’ma mostly Slums, Valnur, Borulck Slums, Yemnack Slums, Don’gol Slums
Most Common Classes: Bard, Rogue, Beguiler

The Entertainers Guild is a guild that is legal, but quite shady. Any form of “Adult” entertainment may be found run by a member of the Entertainers Guild. Anything from Gambling, Brothels, Burlesque Dancers, and even some of the seedier bars. Formed by a Dragonborn with no real motivation outside of “sleeping with every possible fey that he can and get some cash on the side”, one wouldn’t consider Xavice too much of a threat, but with the services his guild offers, he does have a frightening amount of power and knowledge available to him as well. Being set in the slums of most towns and cities, the Entertainers Guild has some pretty intimidating connections with the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild. While both are composed of a large number of bards, there is very little love for the Entertainers Guild from the Bards College.


Unknown to anyone outside the guild

Entertainers Guild

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