Primary Deity: Any
Primary Races: Elf, Human, Orc, Halfling, Dwarf, Gnome, Ratfolk
Common Classes: Any
Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Kingdom, Hereditary Succession
Alignment: Neutral Good

The Kingdom of Etaniel is the oldest, mixed race kingdom in existence. It holds a history of of Human kings, with the bloodline of Elliot Grimm, the first human to interact peacefully with any race that wasn’t human, which were the current Dwarven and Elven kings of the time. Many kings and queens have passed through the years, with an occasional Half-Orc or Half-Elf sitting upon the throne, unfortunately, they haven’t always lasted long and their brother/sister/wife/husband or the first of kin in the bloodline of Grimm.

Currently the throne is sat upon by King Gol Titanfist, the only dwarven king above ground. He ended up in his position from being a secret lover of the previous king’s daughter. Now with her, her real husband, and her father dead, Gol must take the position of an unwilling, bitter old king, until Prince Arnold Grimm comes of age to become king.

The kingdom spans a vast land, with many small towns, a large city, and surrounding forests. The primary city is named Gri.

Many of the smaller towns are either mixed race, or predominantly human, however there are a few newer Halfling hills and Gnome hills as well. There are unfortunately a few savage Orc villages that folks try to avoid.

Human Towns:
Varial- A truly simple town that holds only around 130 folk, set upon the edge of the forest, they are celebrated lumberjacks.

Stickol- Many of the folk that grow up in this town become a Ranger due to the constant communication with Dorm.

Mortinville- Created just a few years ago around a large mansion that housed the noble known as Mortin From The Mountain, this small town houses only about 15 families that mostly make their living as farmers.

Mixed Towns:
Sabatton- The most populated location in Etaniel next to Gri, Sabatton holds over 7,000 townsfolk of all sorts of races. Located around a small but exceptionally deep lake, there are even some aquatic folk found wandering the areas around here. They are Fishermen, Farmers, and often Cavaliers as the town houses a training camp and barracks.

Tornery Town- Being the closest to the Primal Jungle, these folk deal the most with neanderthals and other dangers, and as such, quite often grow to make hardened combat specialists and hunters. There are a little over 500 townsfolk in this town.

Quillian- Quillian resides beside the Wicked Swamp, building many superstitious folk among it’s 300 residents.

Domette- This town actually holds a good number of Dwarf citizens as it makes it’s living of of 2 very plentiful mines, one of Mithral, and one of Quicksilver. The two mines hold a bit of a rivalry with one another. There are over 1,000 townsfolk in Domette.

Slindrikale- Settled at the base of the Etaniel Spine, Slindrikale is full of bird tamers like Falconers or Eagle Riders, as well as for a large hot spring that seems to have healing properties.

Clemdale- Nestled on the edge of the Fey Forest, this town often gets reports of mischief makers and magically gifted children. Many of the folk here take up professions focused on nature or innate magic.


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