Primary Deity: Meiloq
Favored Class: Bard, Druid, Cleric, and Shaman
Primary environment: Any
Primary Alignment: Any Neutral

Vegitation made to survive on blighted lands to avoid starvation, the Ghorans evolved beyond a mere crop and took on Human shape, mimicking the farmers that cultivated them, and rose up as guardians of the gardens with a love for music and arts.

Physical Description:
The ghorans are plants, with bodies made of various vegitation: petals, leaves, vines, and most notably green shells surrounding their faces like a cowl, with orange fruit faces with their features seemingly carved in, though they are completely functional. Ghoran find great entertainment in altering their appearance to express their indivituality. They can give the appearance of hair by growing vines atop their heads or wearing large leaves like skirts.

Ghorans usually form a group with those who they were grown in a garden with, though they often split off as individuals, seeking song, laughter, music and art wherever they can find it. Some ghorans become guardians and protectors of forests, jungles, or truly any area where plant life flourishes.


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