Primary Deity: Makiyaei
Favored Class: Sorcerer, Warlock, Rogue, Beguiler, Spellthief and Shadowcaster
Primary Environment: Underdark
Primary Alignment: Any Chaotic

The prized creations of Makiyaei, the Gloamings are essentially planetouched Pixies, a copy of Meiloq’s creations imbued with the power of the Plane of Shadow.

Physical Description:
A gloaming is a pale-skinned humanoid with catlike eyes and dark, furry wings. Her skin is naturally luminescent, and she can control its glow, choosing a degree of illumination from none to as bright as a torch. A typical gloaming has one or more tattoos that create interesting shading effects when her skin glows. Her eyes have slightly oval pupils and reflect light like a cat’s. This property makes them seem almost metallic in dim light, though in ordinary light they appear gray, green-gray, blue-gray, or violet-gray. A gloaming’s wings may be black or any deep shade of brown or gray.

Gloamings are curious beings who pride themselves on their individualism. The difficult conditions in the Underdark quickly teach them caution and the merits of working with others. While their inquisitiveness may lead them to choose the adventuring life, it does not make them completely foolish risk-takers. In a similar manner, their individuality tends to express itself in ways that do not interfere with working with other gloamings or members of other races.

The Gloamings are Makiyaei’s pride and joy, and anyone that knows that, know to give them their distance and dare not to strike them down without good reason, for risk of the goddess’ wrath.


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