Primary Deity: Uoolg
Favored Class: Ranger, Druid, Alchemist, and Rogue
Primary Environment: The Wicked Swamp, Valnur, The Sinking Marsh
Primary Alignment: Neutral

The frogmen of the swamps, the grippli are well known hunters and traders with little care for the world outside of their homes.

Physical Description:
Gripplis stand just over 2 feet tall and have mottled green-and-brown skin. They hold the appearance of poison dart frogs with large eyes that vary from red and yellow and blue.

Most gripplis are primitive hunter gatherers, living on large insects and fish found near their treetop homes, and are unconcerned about events outside their swamps. The rare grippli who leaves the safety of the swamp tends to be a ranger or alchemist seeking to trade for metals and gems.


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