House Rules

Rule 0 – I am free to change anything from any published source that suits the needs of the story. This includes but not limited to the core rules, supplements, campaign settings, novels and the internet.

Making New Characters – I have a phrase for you to take to heart, build a character that you’re comfortable with playing for the entire game, but make sure you do have a backup for if your character does die, whether that’s a new character or enough gold for a revival, or perhaps something else.

Respect- We can all disagree, but we can all be respectful while doing so. We all wanna have fun, we wanna fight the villains, not each other. If I start getting frustrated with you breaking up the story or just being an asshole of a character, I suggest rethinking how your playing, because it can get very annoying for everyone.

Character Generation – Characters may either be rolled up with 4 d6, dropping the lowest, rerolling any lower than a 10, or may be created with a 20 point buy system.

Favored Class – Certain races have favored classes that offer bonuses for every level taken in it, you may only have one favored class unless playing a half-elf. Favored classes have no effect on XP.

PC Death – If a PC dies, they may be raised as per the rules, or a new PC can be generated at the average party level with standard character wealth for that level.

Item Creation – Item creation does NOT require using XP, paying XP is stupid…

Alignment – Any Alignment is allowed outside of Chaotic Evil or Neutral Evil. Now, should a character want to be Lawful Evil, you must NOT interrupt the game through your evil. Chaotic Neutral should not simply be taken for a cop-out alignment for “doing whatever you want to” as this can be very disruptive and annoying. If you’re being Chaotic Neutral, be mature, and have a good reason for it.

Playing Stereotypes- If you’re going to play a character of the opposite sex, or a different gender identity, or a different skin, I expect us to all be mature about this. Don’t do it for a cheap joke, and make sure you can do it to a decent degree.

Backgrounds – I do ask for you to make some sort of background for your characters, it doesn’t have to be terribly in depth, but know that whatever you leave out, I am free to fill in.

Pay Attention – I’ve only had a problem with this once, but if you’re focusing on something other than the game when important things are going down, you’ll start missing out on experience points, or possibly having them docked, and as such, you’ll end up falling behind other players.

Paladin/Antipaladin – Paladins may be Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, or in exceptionally rare cases Neutral good. Antipaladins may be any evil or possibly Chaotic Neutral.

Tutelage – It is possible to earn more feats by taking on a master, spending a certain amount of time under their training, and paying them a certain amount of gold.

Multiclass – Certain base classes require training under a master and hold similar prerequisites as learning a new feat from a master as well. Most Prestige Classes require this.

Warnings – If I say run… you may wanna run.


Vow of Poverty
Additional Traits

Deck of Many Things

Anything related to hero or action points.


Weapon Finesse – will apply to both to hit, and damage.
Two Weapon fighting – reduces weapon penalties to -2 each if both weapons are light or lower, or both reduced to -4 each.
Improved Two Weapon Fighting – reduces the penalties by another 2
Greater Two Weapon Fighting – Removes any penalty for using two weapons
Lingering Performance – Lingering performance lasts rounds equal to CHA modifier
Smash, Fight On, Iron Guts, Ironhide, Deathless Initiate, Deathless Master, Deathless Zealot – are all available for the Neanderthal, Bugbear, Gnoll, Taer, and Minotaur races.
Smash, Fight On, Iron Guts and Ironhide – are all available for Goliath, Dragonborn, and Oread Races.
Craft Construct – is available for PCs, not just monsters.

This List Is Subject To Change

House Rules

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