Primary Deities: Felishrad and Kaze
Primary Races: Kitsune, Tengu, Human, Nagaji, Wayang, Vanara, Samsaran, Hengeyokai, Nezumi, Imperial Dragon
Common Classes: Monk, Ninja, Shugenja, Wu Jen, Rogue, Samurai, Sohei, Sorcerer, Magus, and Alchemist
Government: True Aristocracy, Empire, 2 officials elected through honor and wisdom
Alignment: Lawful Good

An eastern empire of rolling hills, deep sweeping valleys and beautiful mountainsides, Ke’len’ma holds the envy of the land for being one of the most awe inspiring lands in all of Amun. It is the inspiration for many forms of art and music, and some deadlier arts as well. The villages, towns and cities were built from and around the land and life, never interfering with the natural order it built.

The main city of Xian Cho houses the Jade Castle and it’s emperor, Zhao Qin, a paragon of the kitsune race with head advisor Tori Na, a wise and powerful Samsaran. The ruler of the land is determined by the individual in the land who has proven themselves to be the most honorable and dependable leader. This can be anyone from a lowly peasant who works his way up in the world and defends his home town from a vicious oni tribe, or the most practiced samurai, or even a common thief who has shown a good heart and built a legacy. The most common race to sit upon the throne have been the Samsarans, for their years and lives of experience, and if not emperors/empresses they hold some form of political importance. The current emperor, Zhao, was little more than a beggar in his youth, working up to becoming a master of the dagger and master of the Ka’len’ma Thieves Guild, while Tori Na was a village elder who spread knowledge throughout the land through a psionic device of his own creation. The role of Advisor is a very important one, acting as a peace keeper with the other kingdoms and lands, as well as gifting the current king with his wisdom. In the end, the emperor has last say on anything..

The region practices the Samurai and ninja ways with beautiful weapons and graceful martial arts guiding their warriors. While Ninja clans and monk monasteries exist all across Amun, none are as renowned or disciplined as those that reside in Xian Cho. The samurai work with such elegance and power that they could keep up with any of the best fighters, knights or cavaliers from other kingdoms. The shugenja practice various forms of worship to the elements, while the Wu Jen will manipulate those powers through the magic in the air. Creatures from Ka’len’ma acknowledge metal and wood as their own elements, channeling their energies as magical power through their spells. These are the primary careers of the land, but there are many others as well.

Some of the creatures that dwell within this kingdom are Foo creatures, the mighty Imperial Dragons, the fatal and fiendish Asura, terrifying Jian shi “hopping” vampires, Jorogumos (enthusiastic enemies of the tengu race), Kappa, the ever watchful Kami, the mystical Kirin, the cruel Oni, Tanuki, Taotieh, terra-cotta soldiers, Yuki-Onna, and many many more, all watched and guarded by the Shinigami, creatures created by Ralzikk to gather the dead for him.


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