Primary Deity: Meiloq
Favored Class: Druid, Shaman, Spirit Shaman, Scout, Healer, and Truenamer
Primary Environment: Forests
Primary Alignment: Mostly non-evil (Varies from aspect to aspect)

Also referred to as Wilden, these are an ancient race of plantlike fey that house their minds and society within an even more ancient tree. The minds of these creatures vary widely and can change in a moment’s notice as they shift between their powers.

Physical Appearance:
The killoren hold the appearance of humanoids that stand about the same height as the average Elf. They appear to be composed of wood, bark, moss, leaves, or various other plant life that leads many people to believe that they are plant creatures and not fey. At any time, a killoren has three different “aspects” that he may revert between, often this changes his “hair” and eye color, though there are more extreme cases where their entire body may change.

Killoren are born from the roots of a very powerful and ancient tree within their home forest, spawned to defend and protect their land. When they die, their essence returns to the tree to rest until it is needed once more. A single killoren often consists of three minds melded as one, the hunter, the destroyer, and the ancient. In the process, a new creature is made, either a warrior or a scout is born fresh and new as either the hunter or destroyer “aspect” personality, and is granted the wisdom and experience of one of the most ancient and wise residing within the tree as well as either a hunter or a destroyer, whatever is missing. In the complete forming of a killoren, all three personalities meld perfectly, acting as one being, calling upon the various powers by shifting from aspect to aspect.

However, there are rare and extreme cases, such as when the entire body changes, in which the minds don’t meld quite well, developing a case similar to that of Multiple Personality Disorder, causing switches to occur at random or when provoked. While there are definite drawbacks to this, the figures who undergo such an “incident” end up becoming paragons of their kind, legendary heroes and figures in history who learned teamwork better than any individual ever could, as it was a necessity to survive for them.


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