Mechanics Guild

Leader: Gooshnick
Notable Members: Vert Clench, Cybette, Schneizel Mechmaster-Founder, Veronica Duskhunter
Purpose: Create and share brilliant and progressive technology for the advancement of us all.
Located: Yemnack
Most Common Classes: Artificer, Gunslinger

The Mechanics Guild is a rather recent organization, formed by Schneizel, a dwarf who was fascinated with the worlds growing technology, especially that of the Warforged. He held his position for only a few years before handing his title as Guild Master down to Gooshnick. The guild works to further technological advances, everything from generators and weapons, to superior constructs and conveniences.


  • Theories and Discoveries are to be shared with the guild, so as we might expand upon them and stop those that may prove too dangerous.
  • Be careful with your experiments, and don’t proceed with any you are underqualified for.

Mechanics Guild

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