Primary Deity: Felishrad, Kkrruuttaarr
Favored Class: Barbarian, Fighter, Sohei, Marshal
Primary Environment: Valnur, Underdark
Primary Alignment: Chaotic or Lawful Evil

Minotaurs are bestial giants that hold serious grudges and have amazing sense of direction that borderlines on magical. Masters of mazes, only a fool would stand between a minotaur and his objective, risking a horn piercing his gut.

Physical Description:
Minotaur hold the torso of a well muscled man with the head and lower body of a bull, with fur varying in color from brown black and gray. Female minotaurs are excessively rare and much more slender in build but by no means less powerful, if anything most folk are MORE terrified of a female than a male.

The traditional minotaur’s lair is a maze, be it a legitimate labyrinth constructed to baffle and confuse, an accidental one such as a city sewer system, or a naturally occurring one such as a tangle of caverns and other underground passageways. Employing their innate cunning, minotaurs use their maze lairs to vex unwary foes who seek them out or who simply stumble into the lairs and become lost, slowly hunting the intruders as they try in vain to find a way out. Only when despair has truly set in does the minotaur move in to strike at its lost victims. When dealing with a group, minotaurs often let one creature escape, to spread the tale of horror and lure others to their mazes in hope of slaying the beasts. Of course, to minotaurs, these would-be heroes make for delicious meals. Minotaurs might also be found in the employ of a more powerful monster or evil creature, serving it so long as they can still hunt and dine as they please. Usually this means guarding some powerful object or valuable location, but it can also be a sort of mercenary work, hunting down the foes of its master. Minotaurs under the employ of other beastkin within Valnur often work as high ranking officers in the military or as special elite guards for important personnel.


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