Pirates Guild

Leader: The Pirate King
Notable Members: Too many to list
Purpose: Collect valuables, treasure and wealth across the land of Amun
Located: Locations only known to pirates
Most Common Classes: Swashbuckler, Rogue, Fighter, Bard

The Pirates Guild is one of the oldest organizations in existence within the world of Amun, founded by the first Pirate King, a swift swordsman whose name was forgotten by all but the highest ranked pirates. There are many variety of pirate, from good and evil, and as such, the guild itself is neutral ground, a place of safety and fun for all pirate kind. This place pays respect to the gods that encourage them, Uoolg and Shadric. The Pirate King, leader of the guild, is a position earned by being the best pirate among them all and having the mantle passed down from the previous one.


  • If the Guild requires an offering, everyone must donate, for the glory of our guild.
  • Never reveal the guild’s secrets, doing so will provide a worse fate than any authority figure ever could.
  • When summoned by The Pirate King, you WILL obey, or punishment shall be dealt.
  • Roughhousing is allowed, and at times encouraged, however, if during a brawl, the king or his appointed official say stop, you MUST stop or be dealt punishment.
  • This is a sanctuary for folk of our particular profession, weapons are not allowed in brawls, and bickering is not allowed to get fatal within the guild. Our rivalries do not exist within this sacred place outside of the form of competition.
  • Rank ups are determined by the guild master, according to most booty obtained, highest bounty, and winning certain guild-wide competitions.

Pirates Guild

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