Primary Deity: Felishrad
Favored Class: Magus
Primary Environment: Valnur
Primary Alignment: Chaotic or Lawful Good

The Rakshasa were Felishrad’s first creations, created in her image within her plane of origin, harnessing great magical power and physical strength. They were set to be the guardians of the beastkin, kings from birth. They are among the most powerful of the common races, with the ability to breed equally with their own kind and the Catfolk. Their intimidating appearance makes them fearsome opponents on the battlefield, with their thumbs on opposite sides of their hands they provide a truly otherworldly appearance about them that unnerves any creature that hasn’t spent time with the rakshasa. They have a familiarity with fiends, possessing similar power to the outsiders.

Physical Description:
The Rakshasa appear to be tall humanoid felines, primarily tigers. They have hands that appear to be backwards, with their thumbs on the opposite sides and their fingers bending up. Some rakshasa will chose to bear likeness to lizards or snakes or many other forms of animal, though these are very rare cases, as it is considered an honor to bear the appearance of their goddess. The Rakshasa love to dress like nobles, with long large elegant robes. Rakshasa hold the ability to change shape into any humanoid.

Rakshasa tend to take positions as guardians, whether that be in the position of a beastkin king/queen or a soldier to the beastkin armies. They are always found amongst beastkin settlements in some high position. With their ability to detect thoughts they can quickly identify any threat to those under their protection. They have a kindred connection to the Catfolk race, often with large mixed families.


Sometimes, a rakshasa can go rogue, corrupted by power or believing themselves above the mortal races. In cases like this they forsake Felishrad, taking on the mantle of fiend and spreading corruption throughout the world. These perversions walk as humanoids, embracing various taboos, such as cannibalism, blasphemy and worse. These variations are rare but excessively dangerous, hunted viciously and unforgivingly by their former brothers. These Rakshasa-fiends excel as necromancers and assassins.


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