Rangers Society

Leader: Gordon
Notable Members: King Meruenor Giantbreaker, Blade Master Raja Duskhunter,
Purpose: Protect and defend the goodly races of Amun
Located: Everywhere, Centered in Dorm
Most Common Classes: Ranger, Scout, Fighter, Druid

The Rangers Society was formed many many many years ago by a group of like minded individuals that decided to put the needs of their races before their own needs, protecting good from evil. The current leader, or Head Ranger of the society is a human man named Gordon, who has proven himself time and time again to be a tactful, quick, and worthy leader. Every year the Ranger Society holds a meeting with every available ranger within the society, discussing possible improvements, threats, and assigning new locations for the members. There is a strong alliance between the society and the Slayers Guild, as they both hold the same goals to heart. Many kings, queens and other nobles have been a part of the Rangers Society to protect the good of their realms. Due to their amazing tracking skills, and the fact that they can be found all across the world, people who earn the anger of the society rarely live long.

To join the society one must be of Good alignment and at least 1 Level of the Ranger class.


  • Follow your orders and stay into your assigned post unless ordered otherwise.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Pay respects to the land, don’t damage it, protect it.
  • Nobody goes out into the field until fully and properly trained.
  • Our business is natural, don’t get caught up in politics.
  • Report any findings to Gordon or a higher up as soon as possible by the most effective means.
  • Kill only evil creatures, never a non-evil one. If you must, then defend yourself, but don’t kill.

Rangers Society

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