Primary Deity: Ralzikk
Favored Class: Wizard, Monk, or Oracle
Primary Environment: Ka’len’ma
Primary Alignment: Lawful Good

Mysterious humanoids with pale blue flesh and transparent blood like the waters of a trickling brook, samsarans are ancient creatures even in their youth. A samsaran’s life is not a linear progression from birth to death, but rather a circle of birth to death to rebirth. Whenever a samsaran dies, it reincarnates anew as a young samsaran to live a new life. Her past memories remain vague and indistinct—and each new incarnation is as different a creature and personality as a child is to a parent.

Physical Description:
Samsarans appear similar to humans, with dark hair and solid white eyes with no pupils or irises. Skin tones are generally shades of light blue.

Samsarans don’t truly hold their own society, as they are reincarnated from older societies, and as such, quite often spend time in the societies of others. However, most samsarans take it upon themselves to take the place as teachers, granting others knowledge from their own past lives.


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