Primary Deity: Felishrad, The Betrayed Ones
Favored Class: Ranger, Druid, Barbarian, Shaman and Scout
Primary Environment: Any
Primary Alignment: Any, Neutral

Shifters, sometimes called “the weretouched,” are descended from humanoids and natural lycanthropes. Shifters cannot fully change shape but can take on animalistic features—a state they call shifting. Shifters have evolved into a unique race that breeds true. They have a distinct culture with its own traditions and identity.

Physical Description:
Shifters often look like an especially shaggy humanoid with features that reflect upon their different traits that they can shift into, making them a widely varied race. They might have large, sharp teeth, a muzzled face and snout, especially long nails that look like claws, and more. A typical shifter stands about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds.

Shifters generally live among humans, elves, or sylvan creatures, not in settlements of their own. They prefer rural or wilderness regions, though significant numbers of them live in the slums of human cities, often grouping together into criminal gangs. Many shifters earn their way as trappers, hunters, fishers, trackers, guides, and military scouts. Shifters usually congregate into family groups. A few elders govern the pack, under the leadership of a chief who is usually the pack’s oldest member. Some shifters are loners, preferring the solitude of the wilderness to human society or even the company of their own kind.


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