Slayers Guild

Leader: Lian Fang, located in Gri
Notable Members: Quilideron, Queen of the Faith and Daniel, Private Detective
Purpose: Search and hunt rare, powerful, and dangerous creatures for profit and sport, and slay creatures of evil influence.
Located: Etaniel, Ka’len’ma, Quin’shet, Dorm, Borulck, Flandheim
Most Common Classes: Ranger, Inquisitor

The Slayers Guild was founded by Lian Fang, an emberkin Aasimar, who sought a way to protect people and take out her natural aggression as well. At the moment, the Slayers Guild is possibly the most powerful and LEGAL guild in the world. The Slayers guild is largely admired and has a strong alliance with the Rangers Society, as they both focus upon protection, with the Slayers Guild differing in that they function like a bounty hunting service, accepting payment for especially frightening and exotic creatures.


  • The Guild gets 15% of any completed mission bounty. (This is for the betterment of us all, it means better Quarters, Weapons, Armor, and yes, Booze.)
  • NEVER go in alone.
  • Don’t take missions above your rank.
  • Speak to the guildmaster for a Rank Up Mission when you believe you are ready.
  • In the event of your death, the guild holds claim on any weapons and armor not left in your will or of family importance.
  • You may always request the aid of a Guild Member but at a fair cut of the reward.
  • NEVER attack another guild member. (Any grudges may be settled through a duel)
  • NEVER steal from guild members.
  • All duels must be agreed upon by both/all combatants and either the Guild Master, or a member of the highest ranking
  • To join, speak to the Guild Master or that region’s Commander. They will assign you a hunt, upon successful completion of the hunt, you start out on the lowest ranking, unless otherwise stated.
  • You are here to save lives, kill no innocents.
  • Breaking a rule can demote you in rank, suspend you from the guild, banish you from the guild until you complete an assigned favor, or permanent banishment.
  • If you make yourself an enemy to the guild, you may find yourself on the bounty board.

Slayers Guild

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