Primary Deity: Any
Favored Class: Magus, Monk and Ranger
Primary Environment: Varies by Element, Quin’shet
Primary Alignment: Any, Most lean towards their Jann parent’s alignment

Sulis, or suli-jann, are the descendents of mortals and jann. They manifest their otherworldly heritage in adolescence, or when awakened by an encounter with a genie. Strong and attractive, these dynamic individuals can call forth elemental energies to augment their prowess in combat.

Physical Description:
Sulis can take on a wide variety of appearances, just like their human parents, though they may look like attractive humans, there can be some signs to their elemental heritage. Fire sulis may hold bronzed skin, a fiery spark in their eyes, a warm touch, and when their hair is blown it almost always looks like it’s a fire blowing in the wind. Acid sulis have a more olive colored skin and much tougher hides, as well as hair that seems almost unmoving even in some of the strongest gales. Electric sulis have bluish or yellowish tints to their skin, and their hair is almost always standing on end, styled in ways that have it up and jagged, and their eyes can have a very lively blue almost constantly sparking about. Ice sulis are often pale with a frozen look in their eyes.

Neither genie nor quite human, sulis stand in two worlds and often feel as if they don’t belong to either. Depending on the route they take in life, they may adapt to human OR genie life, or perhaps throw both of their heritages away and take on a life all their own on the road.


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