Primary Deity: Urzaak, Kkrruuttaarr
Favored Class: Barbarian
Primary Environment: Cold Snowy mountains, Urzaak’s Bed, Ice Roads
Primary Alignment: Neutral Evil

The taer absolutely despises company, and kills anything that comes near it. It attacks first by throwing bone spears at intruders, and then, if the spear misses or does not kill the victim, it moves in to pummel and tear the victim apart. It uses the remains to make more bone spears. They also fight with crude wooden clubs and cudgels.

Physical Description:
A taer resembles a muscular gorilla with a vertically elongated head, and gritty white fur (the creature is similar in appearance to a yeti).

The weak will and low intelligence of taers leads them to be commonly enslaved by other, more intelligent evil creatures, such as demons, who use them as cheap, disposable henchmen and guardians.


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