The Shartans

A group, named from a mishearing of the pronounced Short ’uns, the Shartans are a group that nobody would have ever seen being formed in a million years with all the racial hatred the group should hold for each other. Despite that, they are still known as one of the most successful party of giant slaying rangers and the most annoying little thieves ever known.

In probably the strangest turn of events, these 6 tiny beings gathered a bond for one another, and as much as they bicker and fight, one who saw them in private conversation, would never deny that they were the best of friends.

Members of the party:
Gwibberknacker Wibberknit-The Gnome Alchemist
Gochyoch Snotbubble- The Goblin Barbarian
Shadderrach of The Dragonoids- The Red Kobold Fighter
Fi Grove Guard- The Sprite Rogue
Vastiel Stillpaw- The Ratfolk Bard
Golmanllack of The Violet Scales- The Pseudodragon Wizard

All the party members have some personal grudge against the giants, whether it be from destroying their families or just annoying them in general, and they all have at least 1 rank in ranger, as they take the fight to their unanimous favored enemy.

The Shartans

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