Thieves Guild

Leader: Casey The Cloak Located wherever she is sought
Notable Members: Sultan Maku’han III, Zhao Qin, Silonymous, The Bartender
Purpose: A home for the thief and common rogue, a place to rest, lay low, learn, and ally with like minded individuals.
Located: Everywhere
Most Common Classes: Rogue

The Thieves Guild is notorious, and even legendary. Most guards will claim that it doesn’t exist, but they can’t convince themselves anymore than the rest of the world. Run by arguably the most talented thief in all of Amun, in conjunction with the Assassins Guild, the Thieves guild is meant as a sanctuary of sorts for thieves, both new and old to the trade. Sometimes the Thieves Guild will go out of their way to recruit certain individuals they deem remarkable, and on occasion they may often run jobs when paid enough or it serves their best interest. Little else is known about the guild, beyond the fact that members that belong ONLY to the thieves guild, minimize death whenever possible. They leave THAT to individuals more trained in the art of death.


  • Don’t kill unless absolutely mandatory. You’re a thief, not an assassin. If we want them dead we’ll make them dead…

This is the only rule that has ever gone public. Often theorized to be intentional to keep people believing in the Thieves Guild, and worse…

Thieves Guild

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