Primary Deity: Felishrad
Primary Races: Catfolk, Rakshasa, Gnoll, Jungle Hadozee, Ratfolk, Strix, Grippli, Bugbears of the Goblin family, Kenku, and many many other anthropomorphic animal races.
Primary Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Fighter, Druid, Ranger, Magus, and Sorcerer
Government: Absolute Monarchy, Kingdom, Hereditary Succession
Alignment: Chaotic Good

A small kingdom located upon Kadashi Island, Valnur is home to the catfolk and rakshasa, lead by the eccentric queen Him’ett Darkhunter of Darkhunter blood.

Most of Valnur is located in the middle of a Jungle with only a small steppe by the southern border and an active volcano to the south east named Kin’ta’ar where some say sinister dragons make their nests. Many wildlife inhabits this jungle land, from familiar cats like tigers and jaguars to even apes and giant insects. Aside from Kadashi Island, the Kingdom of Valnur extends to the other two smaller islands just south of it, The Jungle of Apes and Serpent Isle.

Aside from the main city, there really aren’t many civilized settlements within Valnur. There are a few small villages of the more tribal races, but the catfolk all remain within the city unless out and about in other kingdoms or towns or exploring the world in general. Valnur has a great export of tropical foods much like bananas, coconuts and various birds. The catfolk welcome most any race, but provide better hospitality to beastkin creatures simply for the fact that beastkin can survive better in a jungle environment.


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