Primary Deity: Felishrad
Favored Class: Shaman, Monk, Sohei, Druid, Rogue, and Fighter
Primary Environment: Ka’len’ma, Valnur, Jungle of Apes
Primary Alignment: Chaotic Good

Vanaras are intelligent, monkeylike humanoids that live in deep, warm forests and lush jungles. They hold a great love of life and fun, but can still retain discipline that surpasses that of a normal Human.

Physical Description:
A vanara’s body is covered in a thin coat of soft fur, and individuals with chestnut, ivory, and even golden coats are common. Despite their fur, vanaras can grow lengthy hair on their head just as humans can, and both male and female vanaras take pains to wear elaborate hairstyles for important social functions. The hair on a vanara’s head matches the color of its fur. All vanaras have long, prehensile tails and handlike feet capable of well-articulated movements. A vanara stands slightly shorter and weighs slightly less than a typical human.

Vanara are a common sight in their homelands, and well respected by those that know of their potential. The vanara spend a lot of time in villages or settlements of their own people but the truly enjoy spending time with the other races, as such it’s common to find them around the cities of Ka’len’ma and Valnur. They often work as messangers between the two kingdoms as well.


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