Primary Deity: None, Same as creator, Any
Favored Class: Fighter, varies by type, creation and design
Primary Environment: Yemnack, Urban Areas
Primary Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Any

Machines made for war long ago, the secret to their creation is now available to those who seek it and are deemed worthy in the technological capitol of Yemnack, yet even then there are those that know through their own advancements in intellect. As for the machines themselves, they hold a variety of stories of their own that they may or may not be able to tell.

Physical Description:
Composed of stone and metal with leathery wooden joints, the warforged hold the appearance of smooth mechanical humanoids with vaguely Human features carved into them. Warforged typically stand from 6 feet to 6’6", weighing anywhere from 250-300 lbs. They hold various runes etched into their body. Warforged without souls have no light in their eye sockets, though should a soul remain conscious within, their eyes and runes may glow various colors with the most common being various shades of blue, green, red and violet.

Most often warforged are used as a mindless workforce, building and working, and quite often that’s their only purpose. However, there are occasions where a warforged might be guilt to act as more than just a tool, perhaps gifted with intelligence and emotion to become someone’s companion or an assistant. Then there are the souls, weakened soldiers that requested new bodies to defend their city, transferred into the shell of a warforged.

Variant models

Warforged Scout
Smaller and much more dexterous, warforged scouts are often used as spies, assassins, or sometimes more innocent jobs such as clearing out sewers or acting in the city guard.

Warforged Juggernaut
Some say that the warforged juggernaut is the ultimate expression of the warforged design. These machines of war have been specifically designed to deal as much damage and absorb as much punishment as possible. These juggernauts have sacrificed their more human traits to become more construct-like, making them a true engine of destruction. They possess adamantine plating, and many have warforged components. They have been designed to charge their opponents headlong, sending opposition flying.

A new breed of warforged has emerged, one that excels at focusing and channeling psionic energy. The first of these warforged, built with psionically resonant deep crystals as integral parts of their bodies. Although these warforged are the same race as other warforged, they have come to be known by a singular appellation that sets them apart. These new warforged, known for their psionic power, are called the psiforged.

Warforged Charger
An earlier model of warforged than the scouts and soldiers, chargers are larger, less intelligent, and generally less adaptable than their successors. They are designed for a single task: charging enemy defenses and pounding them to rubble. A warforged charger stands 10 to 11 feet tall and weighs up to 2,400 pounds. They hold an appearance of ogre-sized gorillas.

Warforged Titan
Before the warforged, Yemnack developed the warforged titan for use in war. Unlike their latter-day brothers, these massive war golems are essentially mindless, and lack the souls found in warforged. Warforged titans, much like the warforged, are created from wood, stone, and metal. They are huge in size, towering compared to other humanoid fighters. Their armor is crafted from adamantine, and is able to withstand some of the most powerful hits. They wield an embedded maul for their one hand, and an embedded axe for their other. Warforged titans have little to no intelligence, and are used as lumbering brutes on the battlefield.

Warforged Raptor
The warforged raptor is an aerial version of the warforged. Like the warforged titan though, the warforged raptor is of limited intelligence. The warforged raptor is 10’ long, and has a wingspan of almost 15’; with the majority of its length due to its elongated neck and beak-like head. It has four dragonfly-like wings, designed from leather stretched across a metal frame. These wings allow it to hover in the air, and can be used for a wing buffet attack. When on land, it stands on six insectoid legs. The primary material for its construction is mithral.

Steel Kraken
The steel krakens are a form of warforged made to patrol and defend the coasts of Yemnack to deter any drow invasion via the water. A steel kraken appears as their natural counterparts, though made of steel, iron, and wood. They have two 40-foot-long tentacles, and eight 20-foot-long ones. Their outer armor is made from adamantine, making them extremely resistant to damage.

Warforged Scorpion
Unlike other warforged, warforged scorpions were crafted by the drow as an answer to Yemnack’s mechanical soldiers. Very few drow know of the secret to make these monsters as a security measure. Warforged scorpions look a lot like a large monstrous scorpion: they possess large frontal pincers, a stinger, and 6 mechanical legs. It stand 4 feet off the ground, and is crafted from metal, wood, and stone.


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