Amethyst Gate

Among Thieves and Legends
Disturbance in the forest leads to hustling at the foot of the mountain.

Waking from a night filled with bear wrestling, the party made their way back North. As they walked, they noticed animals trying to escape the East. Intrigued, they went to investigate the problem, finding heavy winds, and eventually a large green cliff face.

Upon further investigation they found that the cliff was actually the nose of a taiga linnorm who was legendary in the forest, named Vo Na. Eventually he awoke and began questioning the party, confusing them for his eternal rival, the ‘Lycan’. Pants managed to escape, slashing a chip in the dragon’s tooth and allowing the party to begin running. Vo gave chase, but was stopped by the true Lycan, engaging in battle as the party made their escape. He did warn them that he had kin in their destination.

Upon their escape, the party engaged a rather irritable druid with a dire buck and a swarm of skiurids at his command. He was quick to anger, but willing to bargain, offering trade for ammunition, food and water.

Continuing their path, they found an argument among owlbears. Instead of taking an opportunity to stalk up and attack, Blake instead walked right up and blew the FUCK out of one of the monster’s eyes, causing severe damage to the beast. Whether it was fear, depression, or a mix of the two that provoked it, the second owlbear attempted to flee, but when it found that route proved useless, it submitted to it’s fate.

The group encountered a lively band of happy folk at the foot of the mountain, offering food, shelter, and games. Mountain Eye was quick to join in on a test of strength, quickly losing a large amount of his gold. Blake was quick to identify the camp as a section of the thieves guild.

The party spent their time a lot more carefully, playing jokes and buying ‘services’. Mountain Eye found a woman that held a strange familiar air about her. When he pursued her, he overheard her talking to someone, as if she had recognized the jungleman.

In the morning, the party began their trek into the dangerous northern mountain lands, finding a staircase up to the top of one of the tallest mountains. They walked upward, assaulted halfway by a pair of peryton. After fighting on the narrow and icy stairs, they were able to make their way up to one of Kaze’s primary temples where each of them received rest and reward.

Breeze spoke with an avatar of her god, who bestowed upon her an axe beak egg, and the knowledge that she isn’t alone, and that she must beware the reunion of the ‘Forgotten Vision’.

Guns and Pants
And the robot gets angry

When reporting their victory back to Vert, Mountain Eye and Breeze were informed that they would find more information on the android by seeking out the Mechmaster family at the northern mountain in Don’gol.

They made their way to leave when they bumped into a man who introduced himself as Blake Wilson. He was quick to hire Mountain Eye as a bodyguard for 4 copper as he went to hide himself from pursuing warforged, as a thief of a prototype revolver. After running into an old colleague, Blake announced that he could get Mountain Eye and Breeze back across the sea.

The group made their way onto the Forshorn, captained by Mai’j Thundertail. After doing a few chores for the crew, (and spending a bit of personal time between Caw and Blake), they arrived on the shore of Ogre Town, where they met a mysterious stranger, cloaked and covered wielding masterfully crafted blades. He called himself Pants Willyweed and agreed to join the group.

Coming over a hill, the band noticed a gathering of giants, with a Cyclops declaring what many of them considered blasphemy, offering to worship Karthax instead of Kkrruuttaarr. The more sensible giants dismissed his heresy, leaving the more aggressive of the brutes to begin plotting religious murder. They were defeated soundly by the adventurers with some clever thinking and viscious gouging, Mountain Eye stealing away a Cyclops eye as a trophy, and Pants wickedly finishing off the twin ogres.

Upon continuing their journey north, they came across a village of Orc giantslayers, where they did trade and Mountain Eye shared in the knowledge of giant hunting and Eye cooking.

They proceeded north once again, witnessing a Jungle giant taking out a Cave giant. She witnessed the travellers and warned them of the monster’s cave, advising them to take their path through Bear Bulk Forest, though avoiding her village.

Investigating the Cave Giant’s body, the gang was alarmed when it stood and signaled for it’s allies to help. A horde of the beasts began to charge the gang, forcing a chase, that with the help of Breeze’s powers, they were quick to outrun.

Through the thick and cold forest, the group made their way through to the mountains ahead. After resting within a cave, they encountered the namesake of the woods, facing off against a Dire Bear and it’s companions in the night. Mountain Eye was vicious in his assault, tearing the Dire Bear appart, as Pants carved through them and Blake put on his own rodeo.

After the battle was won, Mountain eye Pelted the dire bear, signaling it as a trophy he aimed to keep.

On The Battlefield
A new body means new adventure

The party was met by Gordon and Gambit of the Ranger’s Society, along with a few of his companions. They saw the fate that had befallen Mountain Eye and bottled his soul.
Anonim found himself within the shadows once again, protecting his identity and following with silent steps.
Breeze explained to Gordon the party’s situation, and he was able to guide them back into town, informing them that Vert Clench had come seeking recruits for a coming battle with the Underdark forces. Riding in on an alchemically engineered dragon, Vert made his presence known, along with his prime assistant Cybette, and head engineer Gooshnick.
Few of the rangers had much experience about them, and did little to impress the young leader of Yemnack, but the bottled jungleman caught the intellectual’s eye. Mountain Eye spoke of his skill in battle and won the favor and attention of Vert. Knowing that a soul in a jar could do little to bring itself to Dorm, Vert sought out Breeze and invited the oracle along for the journey.
Within the dragon, Vert allowed Mountain Eye his pick of Warforged bodies. The savage selected a body much heavier than he was used to, and it will take him some time to adjust, however, to move freely and fight once again will prove most useful to him.
Vert took possession of the head that the party carried, identifying the creator as one, Shneizel Mechmaster, or perhaps an apprentice. He stated that no one has heard from the Mechmaster since his original creation of the androids, and that perhaps the droid was constructed before the assumed death of the famous dwarf. He will need time to find any information to guide the party to their next destination.
In their off time, Breeze attempted an infiltration on Vert’s labs, rather unsuccessfully. Mountain Eye however, found himself learning much from the factory dwarves in the center forge, learning their skill at weaponcrafting, earning gold and forging some fine weapons that his masters let him keep.
Breeze and Mountain Eye then heard commotion as Quilideron and Daniel of the Slayers Guild made their appearance within the city, ready to partake in the upcoming battle. As the soldiers gathered before the northern wall, they were met with goblins, derro, kobolds, a minotaur, troll and drider, leading the charge for the Underdark Alliance. Mountain Eye put his skills as a leader to use, guiding the soldiers in an attack against the larger of creatures as Breeze caught the attention of the fearsome drider. Quilideron and Daniel made their presence known, lending aid in the battle, along with the mithral made Cybette. It seemed that for every creature that fell, a new one would replace them as hobgoblins, duergar and a bugbear made their way on the field. Eventually though, the drow saw this was inferior and had to make their way into the battle as well, turning the field into a black battlefield darker than the night.
Even through the victories, there was loss as many soldiers fell, enraging the new Mountain Eye, flinging him towards the leader of the drow, and into the deeper darkness she brought around them. It wasn’t until he felt the claws however and Breeze launched a spell, that the forces of Yemnack bore witness to a powerful Glabrezu.
Cybette brought her true power to light in order to aid Mountain Eye and Breeze in a vicious fight, losing gravity, ripping horns, and forced sleep. After Mountain Eye crawled his way into the demon’s gullet, he ripped at the creature’s insides with a viridium dagger.
When the creature breached the darkness, the wall of Yemnack fired upon it with a flaming ballista, banishing the creature back to its plane and leaving Mountain Eye with a demonic horn as a souvenir.
Upon inspection of the Drow noble, the duo saw her explode in a green gas, perhaps as a final trap to keep her family secret.

The Jungleman's Fall
The powerful, prideful Mountain Eye is "swallowed" by his rage

Upon departure towards Yemnack, the party decided to set course to Stickol to rest , but not before testing out their improved power and skill towards a pair of ogres who were fighting over a deer. The giants stood no chance against the improved trio of adventurers.

After departure from Stickol, the party entered the Fey Forest, aware and on guard against the magical denizens that dwelt within. It seemed as if they would emerge into the Qun Woods with little difficulty before Anonim (Aldri Mer) heard the powerful wingbeats of a green dragon as it descended upon the group. The battle proved to be a rather difficult one, but ultimately the trio came out on top, and stripped the young dragon of it’s hide and heart.

After a quick rest, they emerged into the Qun Forest, that surrounded Dorm, Breeze‘s hometown. They heard a bit of a commotion, and Anonim went to investigate, discovering a rowdy goblin party. Mountain Eye came forth and joined in on the festivities, eating and drinking whenever offered by the goblin gang. Breeze and Anonim kept an eye on the neanderthal as he continued to party until passing out drunk, at which point the goblins would continue to laugh and sing for another few hours. Late in the night, various wolf howls were heard, causing the goblins to immediately halt their dancing and singing. The goblin leader seemed almost heartbroken as he pulled out a silver symbol that held the same shrieking face the party had seen before. Anonim and Breeze began acting immediately after seeing the goblin leader plunge the symbol into Mountain Eye’s Stomach. By the time the Jungleman finally awoke, the leader was the only one left alive, but for only a second before Mountain Eye’s mighty club turned the creature into little more than paste under his rage.

Still furious, Mountain Eye heard the howling in the distance and broke off in a full sprint towards the sound, Breeze and Anonim following silently and reluctantly behind. Without even a second thought Mountain Eye struck at the creature leading the howling, a greater Barghest. A ferocious battle was fought between the two leaders, as goblins and wolves clawed at Mountain Eye from every side as well. The party was fighting at a peak, and it seemed the creature would be doomed…however, the cast of a spell grew the barghest and his slaves to tower over their former selves, and Mountain Eye found himself within the clutches of the barghest, and then into the jaws, adding his power to the barghest’s.

Breeze and Anonim found themselves fighting now for vengeance of their fallen comrade, striking down each goblin, and utterly destroying the barghest, setting Mountain Eye’s soul free.

Responding to a signal that Breeze had sent earlier, a troupe of rangers entered the clearing, though an hour too late. The duo brought the deceased body of their friend along with them as they were safely escorted to Dorm.

The Tyrant of the Urban Swamps
The Rat King shows his explosive personality

The Corvi assassin, only known by the word Anonim (Aldri Mer), heard the screech of death, after conducting the assassination of a man’s ex-wife and confirming the kill with Dagger, he began to seek out the source of his compulsion. Upon heading to the center of Gri, he discovered the strong but simple Mountain Eye, and the timid yet forceful Breeze.

After discussing the sound and compulsion that lead them to meet, the trio sought out information. Breeze suggested seeking out the knowledgeable merchant, “Handsome” Horace Goldblood. Horace seemed slightly annoyed that he wasn’t going to be making sales, but pointed the group towards the slums to find an information broker known only as Skivvers.

While Breeze and Mountain Eye stood guard outside of the bar where they suspected their potential informant was residing. Anonim was able to find the Ratfolk, and after “procuring” a few coins, walked over to obtain the information they sought.With a bit of convincing, the ratfolk gladly answered he didn’t have information about the specific topic, but knew someone who did.

Skivvers pointed the party in the direction in which to find a rather aggressive group of Ratfolk known as the Urbanswamp clan, named for their settling within the sewers, or as they call it, the Urban Swamps. After collecting a few disease cures, the trio delved into the sewers underneath the city, seeking the Ratfolk leader known as Agiz Urbanswamp.

A simple brush in with a few overgrown rats here and there didn’t deter the party in the slightest as they began locating a number of well designed traps. After setting some off and disabling others, the group found a lone Kobold trapcrafter who seemed ready to defend himself til death. Upon realizing that they were not in league with the ratfolk, he introduced himself as Renkaltiikesh of No Clan Worth Mentioning, explaining that he was the last of his clan, wiped out by Agiz. He went on to explain that Agiz was a powerful alchemist, who would bring entire caverns down on his clan with his explosives. Renkaltikesh also offered advice for the party, telling them that there was a goblin infiltrator amongst the Urbanswamp clan that would have even more information for the trio.

The party trekked on through the sewer paths, sneaking past an Otyugh youth before they made it to a room leading to the next section of the sewer system. They spotted a group of ratfolk arguing and bickering amongst one another, with one who seemed to have larger ears and sharper teeth than the others. The odd looking rat spotted the party sneaking about and relayed a silent message telling them to attack. Upon extermination of the ratfolk scouts, the odd one revealed himself to be a Goblin wererat named Guz whose clan had suffered the same fate as Renkaltikesh’s. He detailed the guard plans that Agiz typically had set up, and told more about the sinister scientist, including the fact that he was a sort of general when Skivvers was the leader of the Urbanswamp clan. Agiz had only been working for a month or two as the clan leader, but had already managed to wipe out 5 clans that roam the sewers including his own immediate family.

While Guz went off to plant false information to the Ratfolk, the party took on the deed of dealing with their pet Otyugh, quickly disposing of the thing in it’s sleep. After a quick rest, the group moved ahead and disposed of the guards positioned outside the door. After Anonim did a quick survey, they formed a plan on taking down Agiz, knowing too well that his bombs would be more than fatal. Hatching a plot, Mountain Eye got Agiz talking while Anonim plucked the bombs off of Agiz’s belt before battle occurred. After a finishing blast from Breeze, the party set about to licking their wounds, including those of Guz, who had jumped into the battle to offer his aid.

Upon speaking with Agiz, the party was able to find a surprisingly large amount of information. Though the rat spoke like a madman and liked to push Mountain Eye’s buttons to the point of losing an arm, he seemed more than eager to talk and speak. He explained that the scream signaled the creation of a legendary item of creation and recreation known as the Amethyst Gate. It was created by many powerful mages, and designed by a man known only as Farg “Ragebrain” Nightaxe, who was revealed to Anonim, Guz, and Breeze, to be Mountain Eye’s Grandfather, a half-orc who had devoted his life to powerful and strange magics.

It was revealed that Ragebrain had planned Mountain Eye’s birth as an experiment with his own orcish blood, to fuel the rage of the Jungleman, but for a seemingly unknown purpose.

The party was pointed towards Farg’s book, Glud, or to seek the genius intellect of Vert Clench in Yemnack, unless they were aware of an expert on powerful ancient artifacts. Agiz also left a recommendation to find the researcher known as Gillian, who was revealed to have known the trio. However, Anonim confessed to have taken the gnome’s life a few years back.

The party agreed to the information under the promise that they let Agiz go. They agreed but also informed Renkaltikesh that the ratfolk was wandering the sewers with severe injuries. As a reward, the party was handed a book with every one of the kobold’s many traps and designs sketched down and written about in detail. They were also trained for one week by Guz, becoming far more powerful and skilled than they were upon entering the sewers.

When the trio emerged with their new skills, they were informed that Gillian was seen alive and walking around Gri. This disturbed Anonim deeply, as he decided to look into the topic. However, first the group headed to the library to seek out Ragebrain’s book, where he detailed his love for magic, technology, and forces that he listed as the five pure energies; of which he included Psionics, Magic, Divinity, Ki, and Life/Chi. As they continued to read, they saw more and more of the book talked about the Amethyst gate, and that Farg had a voice in his head that he referred to as Apocalypse, Ragnarok, Armageddon, and so forth. The same symbol that Breeze and Mountain Eye had seen impaled within the halfling in his hill was drawn frequently in the book.

Upon searching for the supposed reanimated Gillian, the group found the gnome. Mountain Eye approached the small humanoid, but was pushed away and met with unfamiliarity. Anonim followed the gnome into an alleyway and began interrogating the man. They noticed foreign tattoos and a pale complexion upon him. The impostor revealed that it was an android and was promptly and quickly dismantled, as the gang decided to take the head to Yemnack to have it analyzed.

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