Amethyst Gate

On The Battlefield

A new body means new adventure

The party was met by Gordon and Gambit of the Ranger’s Society, along with a few of his companions. They saw the fate that had befallen Mountain Eye and bottled his soul.
Anonim found himself within the shadows once again, protecting his identity and following with silent steps.
Breeze explained to Gordon the party’s situation, and he was able to guide them back into town, informing them that Vert Clench had come seeking recruits for a coming battle with the Underdark forces. Riding in on an alchemically engineered dragon, Vert made his presence known, along with his prime assistant Cybette, and head engineer Gooshnick.
Few of the rangers had much experience about them, and did little to impress the young leader of Yemnack, but the bottled jungleman caught the intellectual’s eye. Mountain Eye spoke of his skill in battle and won the favor and attention of Vert. Knowing that a soul in a jar could do little to bring itself to Dorm, Vert sought out Breeze and invited the oracle along for the journey.
Within the dragon, Vert allowed Mountain Eye his pick of Warforged bodies. The savage selected a body much heavier than he was used to, and it will take him some time to adjust, however, to move freely and fight once again will prove most useful to him.
Vert took possession of the head that the party carried, identifying the creator as one, Shneizel Mechmaster, or perhaps an apprentice. He stated that no one has heard from the Mechmaster since his original creation of the androids, and that perhaps the droid was constructed before the assumed death of the famous dwarf. He will need time to find any information to guide the party to their next destination.
In their off time, Breeze attempted an infiltration on Vert’s labs, rather unsuccessfully. Mountain Eye however, found himself learning much from the factory dwarves in the center forge, learning their skill at weaponcrafting, earning gold and forging some fine weapons that his masters let him keep.
Breeze and Mountain Eye then heard commotion as Quilideron and Daniel of the Slayers Guild made their appearance within the city, ready to partake in the upcoming battle. As the soldiers gathered before the northern wall, they were met with goblins, derro, kobolds, a minotaur, troll and drider, leading the charge for the Underdark Alliance. Mountain Eye put his skills as a leader to use, guiding the soldiers in an attack against the larger of creatures as Breeze caught the attention of the fearsome drider. Quilideron and Daniel made their presence known, lending aid in the battle, along with the mithral made Cybette. It seemed that for every creature that fell, a new one would replace them as hobgoblins, duergar and a bugbear made their way on the field. Eventually though, the drow saw this was inferior and had to make their way into the battle as well, turning the field into a black battlefield darker than the night.
Even through the victories, there was loss as many soldiers fell, enraging the new Mountain Eye, flinging him towards the leader of the drow, and into the deeper darkness she brought around them. It wasn’t until he felt the claws however and Breeze launched a spell, that the forces of Yemnack bore witness to a powerful Glabrezu.
Cybette brought her true power to light in order to aid Mountain Eye and Breeze in a vicious fight, losing gravity, ripping horns, and forced sleep. After Mountain Eye crawled his way into the demon’s gullet, he ripped at the creature’s insides with a viridium dagger.
When the creature breached the darkness, the wall of Yemnack fired upon it with a flaming ballista, banishing the creature back to its plane and leaving Mountain Eye with a demonic horn as a souvenir.
Upon inspection of the Drow noble, the duo saw her explode in a green gas, perhaps as a final trap to keep her family secret.



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