Amethyst Gate

The Jungleman's Fall

The powerful, prideful Mountain Eye is "swallowed" by his rage

Upon departure towards Yemnack, the party decided to set course to Stickol to rest , but not before testing out their improved power and skill towards a pair of ogres who were fighting over a deer. The giants stood no chance against the improved trio of adventurers.

After departure from Stickol, the party entered the Fey Forest, aware and on guard against the magical denizens that dwelt within. It seemed as if they would emerge into the Qun Woods with little difficulty before Anonim (Aldri Mer) heard the powerful wingbeats of a green dragon as it descended upon the group. The battle proved to be a rather difficult one, but ultimately the trio came out on top, and stripped the young dragon of it’s hide and heart.

After a quick rest, they emerged into the Qun Forest, that surrounded Dorm, Breeze‘s hometown. They heard a bit of a commotion, and Anonim went to investigate, discovering a rowdy goblin party. Mountain Eye came forth and joined in on the festivities, eating and drinking whenever offered by the goblin gang. Breeze and Anonim kept an eye on the neanderthal as he continued to party until passing out drunk, at which point the goblins would continue to laugh and sing for another few hours. Late in the night, various wolf howls were heard, causing the goblins to immediately halt their dancing and singing. The goblin leader seemed almost heartbroken as he pulled out a silver symbol that held the same shrieking face the party had seen before. Anonim and Breeze began acting immediately after seeing the goblin leader plunge the symbol into Mountain Eye’s Stomach. By the time the Jungleman finally awoke, the leader was the only one left alive, but for only a second before Mountain Eye’s mighty club turned the creature into little more than paste under his rage.

Still furious, Mountain Eye heard the howling in the distance and broke off in a full sprint towards the sound, Breeze and Anonim following silently and reluctantly behind. Without even a second thought Mountain Eye struck at the creature leading the howling, a greater Barghest. A ferocious battle was fought between the two leaders, as goblins and wolves clawed at Mountain Eye from every side as well. The party was fighting at a peak, and it seemed the creature would be doomed…however, the cast of a spell grew the barghest and his slaves to tower over their former selves, and Mountain Eye found himself within the clutches of the barghest, and then into the jaws, adding his power to the barghest’s.

Breeze and Anonim found themselves fighting now for vengeance of their fallen comrade, striking down each goblin, and utterly destroying the barghest, setting Mountain Eye’s soul free.

Responding to a signal that Breeze had sent earlier, a troupe of rangers entered the clearing, though an hour too late. The duo brought the deceased body of their friend along with them as they were safely escorted to Dorm.



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