Him'ett Duskhunter

Queen of the catfolk and Valnur Kingdom on Kadashi Island


Level 18 Sorceress


Magical Ancestral Amulet
“Lucky” charms


The Queen of Catfolk, Him’ett Darkhunter is just barely an adult, reaching her 13th birthday mere moments before her mother died and appointed the youngest of the litter to the throne. She was sad to see her mother leave but stepped right on up to the challenge. Oddly enough, she had many older brothers and sisters, but none of them wanted the position so it was kind of just dropped on their youngest sister.

She is a powerful and practiced sorceress with a history of powerful magic users in her family, though she can often loose concentration as she is easily distracted from time to time. She specializes in fire magic and has offered her services as a master in the world as well. Though her family is quite powerful in magic, Him’ett had a very special knack for it, casting a spell is almost as easy as breathing for her, and she can channel more spells using much more magic than most sorcerers at a much quicker pace. As such, many believe that she was born in some form of magic resivoir or especially gifted by Blustin with magic in her blood. The most likely reason however is quite possibly the birthmark upon her left shoulder joint of a lightning bolt, Blustin’s holy symbol.

As a leader of her people, she leads much like her mother and ancestors did through the teachings of Felishrad, embracing love and free will and doing her best to promote it amongst her people. She is a very devoted worshipper to her goddess, but also pays respects to various other gods with Makiyaei, Blustin, Meiloq, and Strroll to name a few. She has even had direct communion with Felishrad a number of times.

Him’ett favors a longspear as her primary weapon with a dagger for a sidearm, and has been trained in many weapons while still learning.She also holds an amulet handed down as a family heirloom, it holds power to make the owner seemingly vanish when called upon.

The Queen is a cheerful, optimistic individual with a love for pranks and jokes. She’ll often try to fool her guards into performing embarrasing acts while clutching at her stomach laughing. For her childlike nature she is well loved by the people and she seeks to protect them as best as she can. She can come off as nervous at times though, biting or licking her lips in anticipation or when anxious. She is always excited and seeks out new friends and allies whenever possible. Though if she is angered or threatened, she can be quite the formidable foe, gaining a focus and ferocity not much unlike her goddess.

Him’ett has a fascination with good luck charms, and has a small collection of rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, and so forth, attempting to collect as much luck as she can. She’s even dubbed a few of her own personal items as “lucky”. And it seems to work, as the young queen has had quite the share of good luck find her, and by extension her kingdom. She one day hopes to catch a leprechaun and have a chat with it to learn how she may enhance her luck further.

Him'ett Duskhunter

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