Amethyst Gate

Among Thieves and Legends

Disturbance in the forest leads to hustling at the foot of the mountain.

Waking from a night filled with bear wrestling, the party made their way back North. As they walked, they noticed animals trying to escape the East. Intrigued, they went to investigate the problem, finding heavy winds, and eventually a large green cliff face.

Upon further investigation they found that the cliff was actually the nose of a taiga linnorm who was legendary in the forest, named Vo Na. Eventually he awoke and began questioning the party, confusing them for his eternal rival, the ‘Lycan’. Pants managed to escape, slashing a chip in the dragon’s tooth and allowing the party to begin running. Vo gave chase, but was stopped by the true Lycan, engaging in battle as the party made their escape. He did warn them that he had kin in their destination.

Upon their escape, the party engaged a rather irritable druid with a dire buck and a swarm of skiurids at his command. He was quick to anger, but willing to bargain, offering trade for ammunition, food and water.

Continuing their path, they found an argument among owlbears. Instead of taking an opportunity to stalk up and attack, Blake instead walked right up and blew the FUCK out of one of the monster’s eyes, causing severe damage to the beast. Whether it was fear, depression, or a mix of the two that provoked it, the second owlbear attempted to flee, but when it found that route proved useless, it submitted to it’s fate.

The group encountered a lively band of happy folk at the foot of the mountain, offering food, shelter, and games. Mountain Eye was quick to join in on a test of strength, quickly losing a large amount of his gold. Blake was quick to identify the camp as a section of the thieves guild.

The party spent their time a lot more carefully, playing jokes and buying ‘services’. Mountain Eye found a woman that held a strange familiar air about her. When he pursued her, he overheard her talking to someone, as if she had recognized the jungleman.

In the morning, the party began their trek into the dangerous northern mountain lands, finding a staircase up to the top of one of the tallest mountains. They walked upward, assaulted halfway by a pair of peryton. After fighting on the narrow and icy stairs, they were able to make their way up to one of Kaze’s primary temples where each of them received rest and reward.

Breeze spoke with an avatar of her god, who bestowed upon her an axe beak egg, and the knowledge that she isn’t alone, and that she must beware the reunion of the ‘Forgotten Vision’.



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