Amethyst Gate

Guns and Pants

And the robot gets angry

When reporting their victory back to Vert, Mountain Eye and Breeze were informed that they would find more information on the android by seeking out the Mechmaster family at the northern mountain in Don’gol.

They made their way to leave when they bumped into a man who introduced himself as Blake Wilson. He was quick to hire Mountain Eye as a bodyguard for 4 copper as he went to hide himself from pursuing warforged, as a thief of a prototype revolver. After running into an old colleague, Blake announced that he could get Mountain Eye and Breeze back across the sea.

The group made their way onto the Forshorn, captained by Mai’j Thundertail. After doing a few chores for the crew, (and spending a bit of personal time between Caw and Blake), they arrived on the shore of Ogre Town, where they met a mysterious stranger, cloaked and covered wielding masterfully crafted blades. He called himself Pants Willyweed and agreed to join the group.

Coming over a hill, the band noticed a gathering of giants, with a Cyclops declaring what many of them considered blasphemy, offering to worship Karthax instead of Kkrruuttaarr. The more sensible giants dismissed his heresy, leaving the more aggressive of the brutes to begin plotting religious murder. They were defeated soundly by the adventurers with some clever thinking and viscious gouging, Mountain Eye stealing away a Cyclops eye as a trophy, and Pants wickedly finishing off the twin ogres.

Upon continuing their journey north, they came across a village of Orc giantslayers, where they did trade and Mountain Eye shared in the knowledge of giant hunting and Eye cooking.

They proceeded north once again, witnessing a Jungle giant taking out a Cave giant. She witnessed the travellers and warned them of the monster’s cave, advising them to take their path through Bear Bulk Forest, though avoiding her village.

Investigating the Cave Giant’s body, the gang was alarmed when it stood and signaled for it’s allies to help. A horde of the beasts began to charge the gang, forcing a chase, that with the help of Breeze’s powers, they were quick to outrun.

Through the thick and cold forest, the group made their way through to the mountains ahead. After resting within a cave, they encountered the namesake of the woods, facing off against a Dire Bear and it’s companions in the night. Mountain Eye was vicious in his assault, tearing the Dire Bear appart, as Pants carved through them and Blake put on his own rodeo.

After the battle was won, Mountain eye Pelted the dire bear, signaling it as a trophy he aimed to keep.



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