Gri is the main city of Etaniel, holding the castle and well over 23,000 citizens being just short of a metropolis. It is the foundation on which the kingdom of Etaniel was built, and the oldest mixed race city in existence. The city is located only a few miles south of a large mountain range.

Gri houses very notable nobles, and is often a gathering spot where other kingdoms may gather to discuss alliances and the needs of the world and other such things, as it is practically the center of all of Amun.

Gri has one of the strongest Market Districts of all the kingdoms, with some of the greatest artisans of the world, due to the acceptance of most races. This is also where the widely renowned “Handsome” Horace Goldblood sets up shop.

The very center of Gri is a giant plaza with a mural of colored bricks that form all of the gods on the ground that is constantly cleaned. In this plaza many shows are put on by the Bards College, as well as various other events such as carnivals, tournaments, and games. Chances are that something is always going down in the center of the city.

The Temple District houses a temple for each of the gods (Excluding the evil deities). Many services are offered here, from the sale of holy symbols and blessing of water, to resurrections and magical healing to those that can afford it. The only god without a distinct temple is Shadric, as the only true temple to the god of travel and trade is the road and marketplace.

The slums of Gri, also known as the “Entertainment District”, hold a large concentration of Ratfolk, possibly the largest concentration outside of Valnur. It is also the area to go to locate the base of the Thieves Guild and Dagger of the Black Market. This is also where the Entertainers Guild thrives, even moreso than kingdoms where they are wholly accepted such as Quin’shet or Flandheim, as this is the place Xavice The Lecherous resides and founded the group. When travelling here, keep a firm eye on your coin purse, as there are many a pickpocket about these streets.


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